Henderson History-Oak Bay

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The Henderson area sits regally at the highest point of Oak Bay looking out to the Olympic Mountains. It's boundaries include Foul Bay Rd. and Mount Tolmie to the East and Cadboro Bay to the West, UVic to the North and Fort Street to the South. Areas within Henderson are referred to as Carnarvon, Lansdowne Slope, Upper Henderson and Oak Bay University District.

Homes South of Lansdowne were constructed mainly through the 1940's and 1950's. North of Lansdowne development began in the 1960's. Today these homes are still considered very well built, constructed of qulaity materials and unique in design.

Henderson contain's within it's boundaries an amazing variety of amenities and just outside it's borders - many other resources abound.

If you live in Upper Henderson you can find the University of Victoria with it's wonderful walking trails, library and movie theatre; Henderson Recreation Centre boasting tennis courts, par 3 golf course, baseball diamond, soccer fields, playgrounds and fitness facilities; and Mount Tolmie with it's gorgeous vista views!

Uplands gold Course (1922) is a classic 18 hole membership Golf Club in Henderson and bordering The Uplands Neighborhood.

Lower Henderson contains:

  • Carnarvon Park
  • Willows Park Grocery
  • Dean Heights Shopping 

Carvarvon Park began as Willow's Fairgrounds in the 1880's containing a racetrack and stables and encompassing a much larger area than now. Now you can now find rugby, soccer and baseball playing fields, outdoor tennis, children's water park and hockey/lacrosse box.

The Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club which began in 1957 is still a landmark of Carnarvon Park.

Willows park Grocery (1930) is possibly Oak Bay's most-enduring business.

Dean Heights Shopping Area (1950) has been a mainstay of the neighborhood with a community grocer, a florist, salon, delicatessen, cafe and pizza parlor.

Chrurch presense is also prominent with the Emmanuel Baptist Church, St. Phillips Church and St. Patrick's Parish all located in Henderson, Oak Bay.

If it is quality of life, convenience and community living you value, Henderson is one of Victoria's mose desireable neighborhoods.

Did you know...? The first school in Oak Bay was located on the corner of Cadboro Bay Rd. and Lansdowne (Uplands Golf Cours' 18th tee off)

Henderson was named after William henderson, the second reeve of Oak Bay (1909-1911)

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