Mike Boorman – B.Comm., Realtor, Associate Broker - Victoria, BC Real Estate

Serving Victoria for 4 Generations

Mike has over 20 years of experience as a REALTOR®, specializing in residential sales. He is also the fourth generation of his family to sell Victoria Real Estate. From starter homes to land to oceanfront estates, Mike has the skills and expertise to broker any real estate transaction. Born and raised in Victoria, Mike has a comprehensive understanding of the city, its surrounding areas, neighbourhoods and amenities. Committed to providing the highest level of service to both home sellers and buyers, Mike strives to exceed his clients' expectations and make every transaction as smooth, easy and stress-free as possible.

Rudyard Kipling mirrored Mike's enthusiasm for Victoria. When the famous author first visited in 1889, he wrote:

"To realize Victoria you must take all that the eye admires most in Bournemouth, Torquay, the Isle of Wight, the Happy Valley at Hong Kong, the Doon, Sorrento, and Camps Bay; add reminiscences of the Thousand Islands, and arrange the whole round the Bay of Naples, with some Himalayas for the background. Real estate agents recommend it as a little piece of England--the island on which it stands is about the size of Great Britain–but no England is set in any such seas or so fully charged with the mystery of the larger ocean beyond. The high, still twilights along the beaches are out of the old East just under the curve of the world, and even in October the sun rises warm from the first Earth, sky and water wait outside every man's door to drag him out to play if he looks up from his work; and, though some other cities in the Dominion do not quite understand this immoral mood of Nature, men who have made their money in them go off to Victoria, and with the zeal of converts preach and preserve its beauties... I tried honestly to render something of the color, the gaiety, and the graciousness of the town and the island, but only found myself piling up unbelievable adjectives, and so let it go with a hundred other wonders."

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